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Gordon Berry

Since working with SWEDEFIT I have been able to finally take control of my fitness and nutrition.

I have seen results that I never thought were possible. 7.5 pounds lighter and my body-fat percentage has gone from 15.5% to 11.8% in just 60 days.


Laura Walsh

I talk a good game of health and fitness and think I know about what foods to eat, how much of it and when…. but actually putting it all into practise is another ball game. This challenge has held me accountable for my decision-making, my food prep and actually putting some fantastic methodologies into practise properly (something I have wanted to do for ages but always found an excuse).

I have been totally helped along the way by all the advice that Jeremy has passed on through videos and pictures as well as comments, additionally I could reach out individually if I needed to. The group itself has inspired me, not only by some fantastic recipes and top tips, but I truly did not want to let anyone down which spurred me on to achieve great results.

Without doubt the group had held me accountable for making better food swaps, sticking to the game plan and enjoying it along the way! I’ve lost 1.7kg but more importantly I really like what I see in the mirror. I found the process relatively simple, you just have to be prepared to be prepared! It’s all about the food prep and keeping as active as possible – it was totally worth it and actually really enjoyable, I was able to concentrate on me for once!

I would certainly recommend it to anyone, either to lose weight or just to get healthier and increase performance not only in the gym, but in work and your personal life too! I will continue on my journey of finding balance and harmony as my relationship with food, health and fitness grows in confidence! Don’t even think about it – just do it!


Sarah Harriman

Before starting, where was I? I would be eating reasonably throughout the week and piling on the rubbish with biscuits/crisps/McDonalds on the weekend, and on commutes.

I have been following the plan and eating well. I found it straight forward as long as I had prepared. Like lots of things, it was a lot easier to stick with whilst in a group, taking inspiration from other people’s advice and meals. I am feeling a lot better and don’t seem to feel hungry or feel the need to snack as much. I am 7.5 pounds lighter and my bodyfat percentage has gone from 15.5 to 11.8 %


For me, this is just the start of my journey. But this is what I have achieved in just 30 days…


1 stone lighter, loads more energy and feel amazing.

I’m actually quite emotional right now, I love you Jeremy Wheadon 🤣 x

After 30 Days
After 120 Days


My best 30 days challange yet! I feel amazing, feeling smaller in general and so fouced on a healthy eating… still after the challenge has finished. What I was struggling with before the challenge was the excersise and bad habits which has been corrected now!

This process  made me foucuse on what I eat and all the lovley people here were the best motivation to keep going. I finally started to protect “my time” for exercise, managed to loose some fat and gain some muscle , yeeey..


Kieran Mulloy #93

Since working with Jeremy, I have seen all aspects of my fitness improve drastically, especially my strength on the bike. This has allowed me to perform to the very best of my ability. SWEDEFIT has helped me not only physically but mentally also, as well as building my self confidence to believe in myself as an athlete. He is a true professional.

That’s me out in front #93


Kelly Rose

This photo sums up how i feel about working with SWEDEFIT over the last few months.

I have never struggled with excercise but always battled with dropping a few excess pounds! After 30 days I was 3.5kg lighter and  felt amazing!


John Wood

Climbing Everest was great however the two years of hard training prior to the climb was vital, the advice and training from Jeremy was invaluable always flexible and after researching the problems he came up with a programme that certainly helped me to achieve this and other mountaineering goals over the time.
Always punctual and nothing was ever too much trouble his experience and temperament at the early morning sessions working around my busy schedule meant that the task was certainly made easier.
I have recommended his expertise to many people and look forward to working with him on my next venture.